Top Benefits of Combining Email Marketing With SMS In Spain

A business can succeed and grow only if people are aware of it. Traditional methods of promotions like TV commercials, newspaper ads, hoarding, flyers have worked very well in the past but since everything is advancing so why not let our marketing campaigns also be digitalized? Digital marketing has completely changed the way promotions are done in Spain and in other countries as well. The two most important tactics without which digital marketing is incomplete are SMS Marketing and Email Marketing and these two are the oldest and cost-effective methods of marketing.

Emails and SMS are the easiest, fastest, and reliable way to reach your customers anywhere in the world. Both help you to add a personal touch to your business communications. They also have high open rates and conversion rates. Independently these are two very effective forms of marketing but if combined they can give excellent results. One can control and enhance your lead generation efforts with email and SMS marketing.

So let’s dive into some of the core benefits you would get if these two superior marketing tools are combined:

Increase in Smartphones:

Spain has over 60-70% of smartphone users. Since many of your customers will use smartphones to check their emails, sending a summarized version of the email via text message will guarantee that they have read at least one of them.

Emails and SMS are Permission-Based:

The only way your target audience can receive your text messages or emails if they opt-in for it through your newsletter or any other marketing material. If people sign up for an email newsletter from you, it means they are permitting you to send them emails. So, include a short code in your emails that will allow people to opt-in for your text messages too. Since they have opted for hearing from you, this makes them perfect prospects for your business.

Use Emails to build Relationships and SMS to Engage:

Emails and SMS complement each other very well when they are used together. Since emails have no character limit, you can include content as much as you want. But you must keep them precise and attractive so you don’t lose your customer’s attention. You can use emails to send long-form messages regarding new product launches, offers, seasonal and festive discounts, etc and send an SMS just as a gentle reminder notification.

Get a Quicker Response:

Emails can often go unread or people tend to forget after reading the email, so you may not get the right response you expect to get on bigger campaigns. Hence, if you combine Email and SMS Marketing, you can send an SMS as a reminder to them since SMS is sent on phones and people are keeping their phones handy. Therefore, people are more likely to take quick action.

Tips to Integrate your Email Marketing with SMS Marketing

Use SMS for short and time-sensitive communication and emails for more detailed content or information regarding your topics your target audience might find interesting.

Give your customers the option of receiving an OTP in a text message. Announce your upcoming sales on email and a call to action in your text messages.

Blending SMS with your automated email campaigns can help you resurrect your inactive leads and boost these subscribers to open their emails and see what you have to offer. Now you know how powerful SMS and emails are if combined, but having emails and text messaging in an omni channel platform will make the marketer’s job faster and more efficient. Saino First, a cloud communication platform can help you since we have a unified platform for different services, so you can access multiple services through a single platform and track it on a real-time basis.  We are one of the Best Bulk SMS, Email, and Voice Services provider in Spain. Our communication APIs include SMS, emails, and voice so you can configure it with any of your preferred applications or marketing software. Our robust infrastructure can handle your limitless messaging, emails, and voice calls.

We provide smart links to shorten your URL or other landing page links, so you can attach them to increase your website traffic. Email validation can help you clean your inactive accounts from your email list. You can have inbound and outbound voice calls through our platform or API. We send and receive SMS, Email, and Voice globally. Access our services from one panel and save your valuable time. Sign up for a new account today for free of cost and try our Bulk SMS, Email, and voice services in Spain today.

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