Powerful API and SMTP

Seamless communication within the software is one of the striking features of Saino. With a powerful API and SMTP, your inputs are processed with remarkable speed and the waiting time is reduced dramatically. Data exchange happens instantly facilitating quick processing of user commands.

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Drag and drop builder

Saino’s drag and drop email builder saves you from the time-consuming process of composing emails. Simply drag and drop text, columns, images or any other elements and your email is ready to take off. Additionally, our software also permits you to insert HTML links into your email with simple copy-paste actions.

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Personalized emails

Personalization is the key to grab a spot in customers’ minds and our software has successfully addressed this concern with the finest features. We have catered to our clients with tag and segment features that let them sort through email lists and compose highly personalized emails for customers in the various stages of the marketing funnel.

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Amazon Cloud

While your competitors end up in spam folders due to inadequate email marketing tools, you can smartly secure your position in the inbox with our cloud services. Saino’s special mechanism to send large multimedia emails from Amazon AWS server has kept its clients’ emails away from spam folders forever.

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Reporting and analytics

Click rate, bounce rate, open rates are all crucial and Saino’s software supplies accurate information and statistics about the performance of your email marketing campaigns. The number of people who signed up for your email, those who unsubscribed and those who simply clicked on the mail are all automatically tracked and presented to you.

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Custom domains

It is important to uphold an untarnished image while engaging with customers. Saino makes sure that each of its clients are treated with respect and integrity. Hence, we provide a dedicated server to each client with tools to create custom domains. If unfortunately anything goes wrong with another client’s domain, yours will still be secure and protected from earning a bad reputation.

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The Saino First Difference

Hit the ground running with out of the box solutions. We will take care of all the complexities.

Global Platform

Send text or voice messages across 190+ countries and over 800+ networks. Scale your business overseas in no time.

Faster Go To Market

Connect with millions in a single click. Use our platform for campaigns or integrate API in your applications.

Reliable Peak Performance

Engineered for reliability, quality and 99.9% uptime. We can handle your limitless SMS, voice and emails.

Easy Integration

Enhance your SainoFirst experience by connecting to other services with documented easy to use APIs and Plugins.

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